You’ve just bought a self-tan foam because you want to achieve beautifully bronzed skin without having to expose yourself to the painful heat of the sun. You’ve used sprays and lotions before, but they don’t seem to work like they should. Now, you want to make sure that your tan looks perfectly natural and will look absolutely gorgeous from all angles. How exactly do you do it?

Here are the five key steps to properly apply self-tan foam to get the best results.


Exfoliation is the first step to make sure that your self-tan foam works properly when you apply it. You should deeply exfoliate at least 24 to 48 hours prior to tanning. This will give your pores the time they need to close and leave your skin smooth and prepped. Your pores should be clean and closed so that the self-tan foam can look its best.

Exfoliation also helps remove dead skin cells and reveal the fresh skin underneath ready for you to apply. By stripping away dead skin from your skin’s surface, you will get a more even tan and healthier looking skin overall. If you don’t exfoliate properly before tanning, your self-tan foam won’t work as effectively, and it won’t last as long as it should.


After exfoliating, it is very important to clean your skin to remove any trace or residue of other products that may block the self-tan foam from sinking deeper into your skin. You should cleanse your skin to remove any makeup, deodorant, lotion, perfume, sprays, or other skincare products so you are basically creating a blank canvas for your self-tanning routine to work effectively.

When cleansing your skin, make sure NOT TO USE bath or shower products that contain oil, wax, and other moisturisers that may coat your skin and block your self-tan foam to soak in evenly. You should also AVOID harsh detergents, salicylic acid, alpha-hydroxy, exfoliating beads, fragrances, and dyes. Only use gentle soaps and body washes without these ingredients.


Time to get it on. This is the fun part. You can start applying your self-tan foam by using circular motions while following the curves of your body. The best place to start is from the bottom and working your way up your body. So, you start from your feet and legs. Gently but deliberately spread the self-tan foam in circles across the surface of your skin, making sure you cover all areas that are exposed. This will ensure that the product will soak in evenly all throughout.


After you have applied your self-tan foam across all your skin’s surface, it’s time to rinse off the product. You can control how deep you want the self-tan to go into your skin. This will depend on how long you wait before rinsing. You can do a soap-free shower in 30 minutes to achieve a natural glow. For a richer depth, you can wait around 2 to 3+ hours. Whatever you choose, DO NOT USE a washer or a sponge. Just use your hands with minimally warm water to rinse your body of the self-tan foam. Remember that you DO NOT USE any soap or body wash during this rinsing step.


Now, the last and often overlooked step is rehydration. You have to keep your skin hydrated to continue to build and maintain your sun-kissed glow. By doing this, you also continue to have skin that looks and feels healthy, fresh, and nourished. This will ensure that your daily tanning regime will be effective and double as your moisturising skincare routine to maintain a glowing hydrated finish. You can rehydrate from within and restore your skin with the Shellcove Gradual mousse!

Follow these five key steps to a tee so you can properly apply your self-tan foam and achieve a perfectly natural-looking tan with absolutely glowing and healthy skin!

By Digital Movement


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